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Chase, owned by JP Morgan, has the mission is to empower customers’ lives by creating engaged, lifelong relationships. They have put a lot of effort in the past on providing the most relevant products for their customers, but now they want to go beyond and not just provide these products, but also tools to help them manage money better.

To start with, they want to focus on their mobile app. The latest studies show a continual increase of mobile usage for banking, which is significantly above desktop usage. Younger generations, such as Millennials, expect to be able to do everything on-the-go .

Chase Bank sees an opportunity to make a difference and help millennials with their financial challenges and would like to improve the capabilities in their mobile app. Chase’s design aesthetic is clean, modern, human and approachable, trustworthy and reliable.

Disclaimer: this was a concept project done during a design Bootcamp, Chase was only used as a reference and was not an actual client.


Design a new personal finance management feature that embeds within the current Chase app.



● Identify market trends in mobile banking for personal finance management

● Identify the key aspects of personal finance that millennials face

● Understand how millennials currently manage their finances

● Understand the current features of Chase’s mobile app


Millennials care about managing their money and are actively trying each week to be in control of their finances. Three-quarters say they pay their bills on time; and the majority say they spend less than they earn and regularly set money aside for savings.

Trends in Personal Finance include (1) Managing accounts from anywhere (2) The advent of the educated investor (3) Personalization of customer experience (4) Empowerment through unique data (5) Functionality seeking out the customer. (Source: Forbes)

Source: The Financial Brand


I conducted virtual interviews via video chat and asked participant a series of questions regarding their use of mobile banking and personal finance management habits.

I made several findings:

● All (6) participants interviewed uses Chase’s Mobile Banking App

● In general, people used the app to check their account or credit card balances

● Most participants did not have a specific plan for budgeting or saving

● The common method was to pay recurring costs (e.g. credit card, rent) and what

was left was to used for large purchases or vacation

● Most people had general Investment knowledge and all have money in a 401k

● Most participants felt positive about their financial future

Please refer to complete findings on this Google Presentation.


Through user research, I came up with three major distinct personas.

Persona 1
Persona 2
Persona 3


After further research, I decided on adding a chatbot feature to the existing Chase Mobile App. Artificial intelligence will remake bank customer service over the next five years. Banking spending on AI products exceeded all other industries in 2015, and this will continue to be the case through 2020. Chatbot benefits include:

● A better and faster experience

● A truly personalised user experience

● Re-engage with users in a relevant way

● No need to learn a new user interface

● Handoff to a Human Agent in a seamless way

Source: Business Insider


I designed a framework for the Chatbot and named it Ace by Chase.


How to test the chatbot feature was a challenge. I did not know if I should to build an entire bot, use a design prototyping tool (like Principle) or if there was another way. It was also challenging to figure out what to test. I decided to focus on the personality of the bot as that has huge impact on the consumer experience. I ended up creating a Facebook Messenger chatbot using

Testing Goals

Test the personality of Ace.

User Tasks

I recruited 5 participants who are millennials and had Facebook. I messaged them Ace’s Facebook page and asked them to converse with Ace to complete these tasks. They were told to ask in their own “voice”.

(1) Find out checking account balance

(2) Find out credit card balance

(3) Pay Joe $30 for dinner

(4) Find out this year’s grocery spendings

(5) Find out what is a 401k


Note: all bank information is made up.


● Users were able to complete most of the tasks. If a user typed in something the bot did not understand, I prompted them to rephrase. If they still did not get the intended response within 3 tries, we moved on to another task.

● A user couldn’t complete task (1) because they put in “balance” instead of “checking balance”. Another user didn’t complete task (3) because they said “transfer money” instead of “pay”.

● When asked to describe Ace’s personality, participants said Ace is helpful, polite, friendly, conversational, generally positive, professional, casual in tone, wording is clear. Users gave examples such as the use of exclamation mark, “no worries” that helped personify Ace.

● When asked about overall experience, users said it was good and Ace is easy to use. Some users thought this was “cool” and even questioned if this was accessing their actual Chase account. Users also liked the bot logo and thought the button options are simple and straightforward. The green emoji when a payment was sent also got positive feedback, users felt a sense of satisfaction when seeing the emoji.

● When asked about the trustworthiness and intelligence of Ace, users said that Ace is pretty trustworthy and intelligent. Some participants did wonder if Ace would be able to understand typos and different lingo for the same concept (e.g. supermarket instead grocery store)

● The biggest concerns users had were security and the accuracy of data.

● A few participants felt that if this was in the app itself and had to sign in via their Chase account, they would trust it more.

● Some questioned if the AI would have bugs which lead to inaccurate data.

● With payments, they would like a confirmation email so they can have a backup


Our main goal was to create a friendly yet professional bot. From this initial testing, the bot seems to fit the personality we designed. Security and data accuracy were the two biggest concerns. Further testing would have to be done after the bot is built with AI backing it.

Please refer to Ace by Chase's full Case Study on this Google Presentation.

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